Summer Fun 2012

Hello all you summer fun people! Is it warm enough now?

Well, Melissa and Doug has an amazing way for you and your kids to enjoy all these warm days ahead.  Check out their Camp Sunny Patch and enjoy all the fun ideas and challenges they have planned out for you!  The July calendar is out with printable activity guides for craft projects, family fun, games and exciting ways to get your kids up and moving.  They even have badges to earn after each session!! How cool is that?! It’s great to have some summer fun that someone else has planned. If you are homeschooling, when someone else has done the planning…quick!! grab it up and enjoy a break from coming up with your own ideas!

Don’t forget the rainy-day activities! Imagine Children’s Museum has some great stuff for the younger kids. That is a great way to enjoy summer when it’s raining. Don’t let the weather take all the fun out of your plans.  Keep your schedule flexible and go with the weird weather patterns we usually have.

Ali Edwards, a great crafty scrapbooker/blogger involves her kids in the summer planning. Check out her ideas here, enjoy all the other families who have added their lists and create your own “Summer Manifesto”.  Some activities on my Manifesto are: local berry picking, camping in the backyard, a trip out to Jetty Island and an outdoor movie played on the side of our house with friends.  Take time today to get your kids involved in planning their summer activities!

Here’s to a week of sunshine!!